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    We're Talking Theory of Mind (TOM)

    My app was designed to help children with  perspective taking skills. The app features 5 children set amongst 5 different backgrounds. In a typical scene, there are 3-4 characters each looking at different things/people (and therefore thinking different thoughts). Users will be prompted with the question “Who is thinking…or Who is saying….”. The idea is that users will use all of the contextual information (eye gaze, body language, referents) to identify the “who” in question.




    It's All About Perspectives...

    What I like most about this app is the fact that users will see the same scene more than once but hear different voice prompts. In other words, users will be asked about multiple characters’ perspectives on the same scene (though not typically in succession since the scenes are randomized). It makes it much harder this way for kids to memorize all of the answers. It also helps teach that different people can and do think about different things at the same time.


    Please check out the video section of this site for a short demonstration of the app and tips on how to get the most out of it!




  • About Jeff

    I'm a certified speech-language pathologist with a keen interest in autism spectrum disorders


    Hi! Thanks for checking out the webpage for The Social Bunch: Perspectives. This is my first app and I’m very excited to finally have the chance to share it with the world.


    I had two main objectives in creating this app. The first was that the illustrations had to be top notch. The second was that the app had to provide plenty of exemplars. In my humble opinion, both of these objectives were met. There are close to 180 total questions spread amongst the various scenes. Even so, I consider the app to be a work in progress and now that it is released, I'll be looking to add more scenes and other positive enhancements in the *future.


    If you like the app, kindly provide a review in the app store. If you have suggestions on improving the app, please pass those along to me.






    *06/21/2016: I would like to make my app even better! I have two changes in mind. First, I want to release even more scenes and questions. Second, I would like to put in a feature that allows for marking up of scenes without having to go into 3rd party apps (like Paper 53). Unfortunately, I cannot add content or features until I sell enough copies of the current version of the app to recoup my initial investment. So, if you know of anyone who can benefit from this app, please do me a favor and pass it along. Every sale counts. 





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  • What I Think You Might be Thinking About


    1. What is the purpose of this app?

    The purpose is to give students an appreciation that other people can and do think different thoughts at the same time. It is meant to be used as one of many tools to teach “social skills” (I use this term very broadly) and should not be taken as a curriculum per se


    2. Why isn’t there data tracking on this app?

    Data tracking for this first version of the app didn’t seem necessary. If it's something enough people ask for, I'll definitely look into putting that in!


    3. How do you recommend this app be used?

    This app was meant to be used to open discussions about factors that go into perspective taking. It is not a “set it and forget it” app that children should use alone (though it is possible that some kids will get at least some benefit from it in this manner). This app can be used individually or in small groups with students who have difficulty with early perspective taking skills. The students who use this app should have a number of prerequisite skills (some joint attention, ability to identify what others are looking at).


    5. Are there any companion apps planned for the future?

    Maybe. My priority right now is making this app as good as it can be!


    6. What is your privacy policy? Do you collect user data? I do not require any personal information to be entered into The Social Bunch in order to use the app. I do not collect any user data from usage of the app.


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